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Access: How do my students access Babeljar?

You provide them with a voucher code which they use to access a one-time intake form. Here, they pick their own username and password which from then on they use to access Babeljar. There are multiple "I forgot my password” solutions.

Alternatively, you can mass enroll students through means such as an Excel or csv file upload.

Advice: Do you offer didactic or educational advice?

No, but we can help you with converting your existing learning materials to 'online'.


Branding: Can I use my own brand in Babeljar?

Absolutely. You get your own version of Babeljar where you can have us install a template based on your brand.


Can I use content from a 3rd party?

Yes. You can use scorm packages, or lti content, from language course providers such as Rosetta Stone and Speexx.

Cancellation: How do I cancel my subscription?

We'll be happy to take care of it for you. Just send us an email and we'll do it for you.

Cancellation: I want to cancel my subscription. What happens to my course materials?

You can download backups of your courses to your own computer at any time, at no cost at all. Each course backup contains all the data you need: exercises, participants, marks, grades, and files. Because Babeljar is based on the world's biggest learning management system in the world, Moodle, you can restore the course backup to any Moodle installation (of the same version or higher) you want.

Conditional access: Can I restrict and unlock access to educational content based on the student’s progress?

Yes, you can have Babeljar automatically unlock educational content based on a student's progress or achievements so far. This is called 'conditional access'.

Content: Can I use education content provided by a 3rd party?

Yes, you can use so called scorm packages, or lti content, from language course providers such as Rosetta Stone and Speexx. The international scorm standard ensures that the educational content can be accessed in systems such as Babeljar.


Domain name: Can I use my own domain name (web address) in Babeljar?

Yes. This involves linking your domain to the webserver (computer on the Internet) where your version of Babeljar resides. Just ask us and we'll take care of it.


Educational activities: What kind of educational activities does Babeljar offer?

Actually, too many to list here. Check out the demo to get a taste of the possibilities: interactive exercises, multimedia content, text, video, audio, tests, having your students exercise pronunciation through their own recording with a smart phone or computer.

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